By Synergi

Quick Tip: How To Get A Better Set for Natural Hair

Every naturalista wants that perfect curl set. Curls that bounce and have shine is the ultimate goal, but have you ever painstakingly rolled, twisted or knotted your hair only for it to go way left after the rollers or twists come out? Most of the times women blame their technique, but often it’s the product you […]

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Get Back to School Ready with Synergi Workshop & $25 Special

Back-to-school time means new crayons and replacing worn out shoes and book bags, but what about your worn out hair routine? When is the last time you revamped you and your family’s hair care? This is a great time to freshen up your style, product and technique and Synergi is here to help. We’ve got […]

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Daddy and Daughter

Dads and Daughters Learn Natural Hair Care Techniques at the Pizza & Ponytail Workshop

On June 13th at Synergi Salon dads from all over the city will gather with their young daughters to learn a little more about loving and caring for their beautiful, curly hair. The Pizza & Ponytail Workshop, sponsored by Synergi Salon and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., is for fathers who want to learn the […]

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All Are Welcome to Attend our Grand Opening Gahanna

            It’s enough to make your hair sigh with pleasure. Columbus’ wildly popular Synergi Salon, helmed by noted natural hair stylist Karen Gary, is expanding its services to Gahanna, Ohio as a part of a new licensing agreement between Gary and the Gahanna branch’s owner, Kimberly Black. This opening marks […]

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Is the big chop for you

    Women will often ask me about the “Big Chop” and how to deal with each stage of growing their hair out after they do the deed. If you’re not familiar with natural hair terminology, the big chop is when women cut off all their relaxed hair down to their unrelaxed hair. While not […]

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