Dying Natural Hair Series: Types of Dye and Uses

When a woman dyes her hair, she’s focused on change. It could be the change in season – going dark for winter, light for Spring and Summer. It could be a change in trends – a hair color that’s splashed across the pages of the latest style magazine or a change in personal perspective. Whatever […]

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7 Natural Hair Myths to Kill

Natural hair is the source of worship, frustration, beauty, excitement, curiosity, envy and a host of other adjectives. The fascination and mystery around natural hair has helped fuel myths that range from silly to damaging and it’s time to get rid of them once and for all! 1/ Natural hair doesn’t need to be washed […]

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By Synergi

Quick Tip: How To Get A Better Set for Natural Hair

Every naturalista wants that perfect curl set. Curls that bounce and have shine is the ultimate goal, but have you ever painstakingly rolled, twisted or knotted your hair only for it to go way left after the rollers or twists come out? Most of the times women blame their technique, but often it’s the product you […]

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Is It Dandruff or Product Buildup

Dandruff. It’s flaky annoying and can sometimes be embarrassing – black turtleneck anyone? What many natural hair divas don’t know is their “dandruff” could actually be product build up. White, flaky, gross – all the same thing right? Nope! Lucky you have your good friends at Synergi Salon to help you out. There are a […]

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10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Product Junkie

Product junkie. The title is thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? How do you know the difference between trying to find what works for you versus huddling in the corner scratching and twitching because you hadn’t had your shopping fix? Take our little product junkie quiz: Do you buy items on […]

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