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By Synergi

Natural Hair Beyond Self Journeys to New Magazine

The natural hair movement used to be about personal journey and girlfriends getting together to dish about what products worked for them. Now, natural hair is an industry, a phenomenon and a cultural staple. As an industry, black hair is worth at a minimum of $684 million dollars and possible a half trillion dollars when you take […]

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Synergi Brand Owner Karen Gary featured at 2016 Be Expo with Radio One Philadelphia

Our own Karen Gary, owner of Synergi Salon and two product lines designed for natural hair has been tapped to conduct a natural hair workshop on March 12, 2016 at the BE Expo sponsored by Radio-One Philadelphia! Karen will demonstrate the Synergi method, answer questions, do a couple of giveaways and more at the hour […]

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By Synergi

Natural Hair Yearly Plan: Start today!

The new year is knocking at our door and between now and January everyone begins to think about what they are going to do better and differently in the new year. Naturalistas often forget to add haircare to their self care plan. Right alongside going to the gym, changes in diet (more veggies!), etc., should be […]

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By Synergi

In The Chair Confessions:”I HATE doing my daughter’s hair!”

The relationship between stylist and client is a close one. Outside of family and close friends most people aren’t allowed to be in your personal space. The chair becomes a confessional where you talk about more than split ends and conditioner — you tackle the daily grind of life, love, politics and of course, a […]

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By Synergi

Quick Tip: How To Get A Better Set for Natural Hair

Every naturalista wants that perfect curl set. Curls that bounce and have shine is the ultimate goal, but have you ever painstakingly rolled, twisted or knotted your hair only for it to go way left after the rollers or twists come out? Most of the times women blame their technique, but often it’s the product you […]

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