Monthly Archives: March 2014

Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary – 10 Tips for Washing Little Girls’ Natural Hair

Natural hair…We all have our own individual stories about our natural hair before we began getting chemical relaxers. I was six when I got my first relaxer. I remember my mom putting a chemical in my hair and my father being very, very upset. The next day was picture day with my mom, my brother […]

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Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary – Universal Hair Truths

This month in “Natural Hair Talk” with Karen Gary, owner of Synergi Salon and creator of the Synergi natural hair method, she discusses the 10 universal natural hair truths she discovered as a stylist and hair product creator. KG: These are things that work for anyone trying to grow out any chemical whether it’s color […]

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Caught Up in the Rapture…of Curl Pattern

When sistahs go natural they find themselves deeply interested in their curl patterns. After all, a good number of social media and blog posts are dedicated to defining and manipulating your pattern, so you should be concerned right? Not so fast. The main idea of stepping away from the lye is a lifestyle change and […]

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