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Natural Hair Care at Night

It’s 10 p.m. – do you know what you’re doing with your natural hair before you go to sleep? Well, you’re in luck, we combed the hair blogs and have a round up of what you need to do to make sure you are #wokeuplikethis ready first thing tomorrow! Sporty Afros has a great post […]

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7 Tips to Transitioning from Relaxer to Natural Hair – Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary

Every year thousands of black women around the world say good bye to relaxers and hello to the “transition” to natural hair. The process is so intimate and moving that women blog, tweet and journal their stories. Social media hashtags #naturalhairjourney and #teamnatural are full of women proud, seeking guidance and celebrating their journey, but […]

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What’s the Big Deal with Parabens and Natural Hair?

The natural hair movement has inspired many women to take a closer look, not only chemical straighteners, but the products they use as a part of their hair and beauty routines. Ingredients in a variety of self-care products have been making news lately, including parabens. So, what are parabens and should naturalistas be worried? According […]

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Natural Hair is Diverse! Women Around the World Celebrate It

On May 17, 2004, naturalistas from more than 50 cities around the world — including those from Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Tokyo — gathered to celebrate one thing: our beautiful natural hair. According to reports the gatherings were a part of the¬†International Natural Hair Meetup Day. Adeea Rogers of Greenville, N.C., started the […]

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Swimming and Natural Hair – Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary

Let’s talk about black women, swimming and natural hair. A lot of women are concerned about both their daughter’s natural hair and their own during the summer months, especially when it comes to swimming. Actually, I’m glad that black women are feeling free when it comes to swimming now. Young girls don’t have the same […]

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