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Tips for Washing Little Girls Natural Hair

10 Tips for Washing Natural Hair: Little Girl’s Edition

We all have our own individual stories about our natural hair before we began getting chemical relaxers. The horrible days of crying and leaning backwards into my kitchen sink while somebody held my feet and someone else soothing me when my mom washed my natural hair. I thought that once I got a relaxer my […]

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natural hair tips for working out

Working Out: Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out with Natural Hair

So many people ask me how to manage their natural hair while working out. There are several ways you can go about it and while there’s no right way or wrong way, I do have some tips I’ve developed over time that will help women work out and manage their hair with relative ease. Two […]

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natural hair tips, natural hair information, natural hair salons in columbus

Bite Sized Hair Beauty: 7 Natural Hair Journey Truths

I’ve clocked in a lot of time behind the styling chair and I have seen a lot of crazy things. There are no absolutes in life, but as Oprah says, these things I know to be true (for naturalistas and those transitioning to relaxer-free): You don’t have to do the big chop. It takes 12 […]

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how to trim natural hair, when to trim natural hair, transitioning natural hair

Trimming Transitioning Natural Hair: How to tell it is time for a snip

Without exception, when talk turns to trimming natural hair I answer four key questions: What does hair look like when it is in need of a trim? When should you trim your hair? Should you trim it wet, curly or straight and the big one “Why do I lose all of my growth when I […]

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