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Big chop on natural hair

Going Natural: You Did the Big Chop, Now What?

Women will often ask me about the “Big Chop” and how to deal with each stage of growing their hair out after they do the deed. If you’re not familiar with natural hair terminology, the big chop is when women cut off all their relaxed hair down to their unrelaxed hair. While not necessary to […]

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Swimming with natural hair tips, natural hair care, natural hair salons in ohio

Swimming and Natural Hair

Let’s talk about black women, swimming and natural hair. A lot of women are concerned about both their daughter’s natural hair and their own during the summer months, especially when it comes to swimming. I’m glad that black women are feeling free when it comes to swimming now. Young girls don’t have the same fears […]

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Overconditing Hair and How to Fix, natural hair, natural hair products, synergi salon columbus ohio, natural hair salons in ohio, karen gary
By Synergi

The Dangers of Overconditioning Natural Hair

Natural hair ladies we get it. WE GET IT. You want moisture in your hair. You want to avoid the look and feel of dry, crunchy hair at all costs. You want to be able to detangle without spending four days with your arms in traction. So you condition. And condition. And deep condition. And […]

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Dying Natural Hair Series: Types of Dye and Uses

When a woman dyes her hair, she’s focused on change. It could be the change in season – going dark for winter, light for Spring and Summer. It could be a change in trends – a hair color that’s splashed across the pages of the latest style magazine or a change in personal perspective. Whatever […]

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