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Synergi Salon Conditing Cleanser

What is a Conditioning Cleanser and How (WHY?!) Do I Use It?

Conditioning cleanser can be a mystery for naturalistas who follow our advice that clean hair is the best hair. It’s a cleanser with virtually no lather, is not shampoo and it conditions as it cleans. But Karen! Isn’t that like washing your hair with lotion? Won’t it still be dirty? Well, not really. The new conditioning […]

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Dying Natural Hair: What about hair that is transitioning?

For women on the natural hair journey, the only thing more coveted that those kissable coils is haute color. But pump your brakes sis, color can lead to chaos on transitioning hair. Here is a quick rundown on when to use specific types of hair color, you may not like it, but I only tell you […]

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Natural Hair Care: Gym Sweat + No Shampoo = Gross

You’ve put in your time at the gym, hitting the bag, spinning, panting, sweating and all that and when you’re finished you hit the showers and skip washing your hair. Most of the time. Eeww. “But Karen,” you whine, “I don’t want to dry my hair out!” Do you like fungus? Because that’s where you’re […]

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Swimming and Natural Hair

Let’s talk about black women, swimming and natural hair. A lot of women are concerned about both their daughter’s natural hair and their own during the summer months, especially when it comes to swimming. I’m glad that black women are feeling free when it comes to swimming now. Young girls don’t have the same fears […]

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Is It Dandruff or Product Buildup

Dandruff. It’s flaky annoying and can sometimes be embarrassing – black turtleneck anyone? What many natural hair divas don’t know is their “dandruff” could actually be product build up. White, flaky, gross – all the same thing right? Nope! Lucky you have your good friends at Synergi Salon to help you out. There are a […]

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