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Natural Hair Care: Gym Sweat + No Shampoo = Gross

You’ve put in your time at the gym, hitting the bag, spinning, panting, sweating and all that and when you’re finished you hit the showers and skip washing your hair. Most of the time. Eeww. “But Karen,” you whine, “I don’t want to dry my hair out!” Do you like fungus? Because that’s where you’re […]

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Swimming and Natural Hair

Let’s talk about black women, swimming and natural hair. A lot of women are concerned about both their daughter’s natural hair and their own during the summer months, especially when it comes to swimming. I’m glad that black women are feeling free when it comes to swimming now. Young girls don’t have the same fears […]

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Dying Natural Hair Series: Types of Dye and Uses

When a woman dyes her hair, she’s focused on change. It could be the change in season – going dark for winter, light for Spring and Summer. It could be a change in trends – a hair color that’s splashed across the pages of the latest style magazine or a change in personal perspective. Whatever […]

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7 Natural Hair Myths to Kill

Natural hair is the source of worship, frustration, beauty, excitement, curiosity, envy and a host of other adjectives. The fascination and mystery around natural hair has helped fuel myths that range from silly to damaging and it’s time to get rid of them once and for all! 1/ Natural hair doesn’t need to be washed […]

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Bite Sized Hair Beauty: 7 Natural Hair Journey Truths

I’ve clocked in a lot of time behind the styling chair and I have seen a lot of crazy things. There are no absolutes in life, but as Oprah says, these things I know to be true (for naturalistas and those transitioning to relaxer-free): You don’t have to do the big chop. It takes 12 […]

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