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Big chop on natural hair

Going Natural: You Did the Big Chop, Now What?

Women will often ask me about the “Big Chop” and how to deal with each stage of growing their hair out after they do the deed. If you’re not familiar with natural hair terminology, the big chop is when women cut off all their relaxed hair down to their unrelaxed hair. While not necessary to […]

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Trimming Transitioning Natural Hair: How to tell it is time for a snip

Without exception, when talk turns to trimming natural hair I answer four key questions: What does hair look like when it is in need of a trim? When should you trim your hair? Should you trim it wet, curly or straight and the big one “Why do I lose all of my growth when I […]

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Refusing to Do Relaxers Changed My Business

I am a stylist that has been doing hair for over 25 years. I have seen it all. And I once was committed to relaxers. I relaxed everyone no matter what, no questions asked. Even when their hair was dry, brittle and broken! My main objection was to make sure they were satisfied THAT day. I […]

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Going Natural: What to Expect in Your First Year Relaxer Free

Going ‘natural’ means one simple thing — to grow out your chemical relaxer. For African American women who chemically alter the appearance of their hair, going natural means no longer using chemical relaxers to straighten their natural curly hair. Many women struggle with the decision to go natural for a variety of reasons. They worry […]

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7 Tips to Transitioning from Relaxer to Natural Hair – Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary

Every year thousands of black women around the world say good bye to relaxers and hello to the “transition” to natural hair. The process is so intimate and moving that women blog, tweet and journal their stories. Social media hashtags #naturalhairjourney and #teamnatural are full of women proud, seeking guidance and celebrating their journey, but […]

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