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7 Natural Hair Myths to Kill

Natural hair is the source of worship, frustration, beauty, excitement, curiosity, envy and a host of other adjectives. The fascination and mystery around natural hair has helped fuel myths that range from silly to damaging and it’s time to get rid of them once and for all! 1/ Natural hair doesn’t need to be washed […]

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10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Product Junkie

Product junkie. The title is thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? How do you know the difference between trying to find what works for you versus huddling in the corner scratching and twitching because you hadn’t had your shopping fix? Take our little product junkie quiz: Do you buy items on […]

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By Synergi

Natural Hair Beyond Self Journeys to New Magazine

The natural hair movement used to be about personal journey and girlfriends getting together to dish about what products worked for them. Now, natural hair is an industry, a phenomenon and a cultural staple. As an industry, black hair is worth at a minimum of $684 million dollars and possible a half trillion dollars when you take […]

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This will inspire you to go natural

This should inspire you to go natural. In this video is my client Lee. She decided to go natural 2 years ago. This is her before and after   When Lee began her #relaxerfree journey 2012 #relaxer free 2 years later As you can see in the video she was complaining about dry limp hair. […]

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Hot Steam Treatment

Synergi Hot Steam Treatments

A Look At Synergi Steam Treatments For Natural Hair There are a lot of hair treatments that you can work with today, but among the premier solutions that you’ll find in spas and salons you’ll find steam treatments to be quite alluring. It’s been describedas a sauna for the follicles, and can completely change the […]

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