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Hot Steam Treatment

Synergi Hot Steam Treatments

A Look At Synergi Steam Treatments For Natural Hair There are a lot of hair treatments that you can work with today, but among the premier solutions that you’ll find in spas and salons you’ll find steam treatments to be quite alluring. It’s been describedas a sauna for the follicles, and can completely change the […]

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How not doing relaxers changed my business

I’m a stylist that has been doing hair for over 25 years. I have seen it all. I relaxed every one no matter what. If they wanted it I relaxed I relaxed it no questions asked. Even when their hair was dry and brittle and broken my main objection was to make sure they were […]

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Welcome to Synergi blog..Introduce yourself

Everybody has a story. How has natural hair changed your life? Do you want to be natural but you don’t know how? Are you happy with relaxers and think natural hair is a trend? Share, learn, exchange ideas, post pictures friends

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Hair is Hair no matter the race

The world of black hair can be confusing enough with all of its unique terminology, but then you come across a phrase like “biracial hair.” This term is typically used to describe a curly texture as a result of a mixed-race union, especially between parents of European and African descent. This texture is usually curlier […]

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What the hell is “Good Hair”

What is good hair? I always hear the term “good hair” ! What is that and what does good hair really mean? We have alot of assumptions. Black women believe other races with straight long hair have the advantage. The media always portrays their hair as glamorous and “right hair”. If you talk to women […]

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