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Dying Natural Hair: 4 Things to Do Before You Dye Your Natural Hair

Pastel pinks, punk rock blue, California blonde…the possibilities for coloring your hair are endless.  And you’ve researched them all, pinned all the pics on Pinterest and now, what do you need to do to prep your hair for this season’s hottest color?

Make sure hair is healthy.

This is truly the most important step. How are your ends? Do you need a trim? Is your hair dry and brittle? This will all play a major factor in how your hair will hold up under color and how the color will adhere to your hair. If you skip this step to quickly get that new look be prepared to lose some length and manageability. Talk to your stylist for the best ways to get your hair in top shape for beautiful color including deep condition treatments and laying off the heat.

Shampoo thoroughly.

Shampoo your hair if you don’t shampoo regularly. You wouldn’t put a new outfit on a dirty body lol! Give your curls a good cleanse at least 48 hours before you color. And this is a full shampoo, not a cowash or thorough rinse. Make sure you work through each section of your hair working from root to tip with the pads of your fingers.

Comb your hair.

Not as odd or obvious a point as it may seem. Sometimes women will grab a home color kit, take down their bun or shake out their twists and get to work. That’s probably the least helpful thing you can do. Take the time to thoroughly comb your hair to remove tangles and debris to make it easier to deposit color.

Do a patch test and strand test.

Don’t skip this step. A good way to test to see how your hair will adapt to color is to do a strand test. Once the deed is done, it’s hard and/or expensive to correct color mistakes. A patch test makes sure you are not allergic to the ingredients in the hair dye, sometimes the allergic reaction can be quite severe and better to find out on a small patch of skin instead of dousing your entire head in a chemical that does not agree with your system.

Make sure you have the right products for post color care.

Your stylist hooked you up or you’re pleased with your home hair color adventure – yay! Now you just use the same ol’ shampoo and styling products you’ve always used right? WRONG.

Your hair just underwent a chemical procedure. Now is the time to baby it. To preserve your color, use a sulfate free shampoo like my Synergi Thermal Shampoo and a good deep conditioner. Your hair will need time, care and moisture (not just oil).

Color is a wonderful way to bring a new flavor to your look, but it’s incredibly important you take the time to make sure your hair is ready for it AND care for it post color treatment.