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Dying Natural Hair: What about hair that is transitioning?

For women on the natural hair journey, the only thing more coveted that those kissable coils is haute color. But pump your brakes sis, color can lead to chaos on transitioning hair. Here is a quick rundown on when to use specific types of hair color, you may not like it, but I only tell you because I love you…and I don’t want you crying in my or any other stylist’s chair in about a month.

Hair Transitioning from Relaxer (0-3 months):

Semi permanent color is best at this stage for covering grey especially and works with whatever you are using at this stage with  your chemical relaxer. Don’t forget to get a good trim for those ends!

Hair Transitioning from Relaxer (4 – 6 months):

Demi permanent is fine at this stage because of the low volume peroxide to open cuticle for better grey coverage. The low amount of peroxide means those curls are less likely to get damaged.

Hair Transitioning from Relaxer (7 – 9 months):

See above

Hair Transitioning from Relaxer (9 months to 1 year):

After your hair is completely natural (around this time, likely closer to a year) and you are happy with your curl pattern, I recommend that you do not use permanent color that will lighten your hair and affect your curl pattern.*

*Yes, hair color can affect your curl pattern! Check out my other post on types of hair dye and their effects.

So it sounds like I’m totally against bleaching your natural hair – honestly, I really am. I’m not a fan. At. All. But, self expression is important. You have to make sure you take care of it once you make the commitment. You can do color on natural hair, and you can do color on delicate transitioning hair, but make sure you do it right! Start with healthy, clean hair and don’t be so quick to put your hair through too much when you’re already working on that transition. Go slow, maintain great communication with your stylist and your curls should come out the other end just fine.

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