Synergi Holiday Natural Hair Gifts
By Synergi

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Natural Hair Gal in Your Life

The time you have to get the perfect gift is running out and you’re stuck wondering how many limbs you may lose braving the crowds at the mall. Then you remember: your sister, mother, auntie, bestie’s hair is always fly. Maybe they have been a long time member of the natural hair movement or maybe they’ve just recently let go of the creamy crack and they are excitedly embracing their curls. Either way we’ve got you covered. *While most items can be ordered online, check your shipping dates! You may have to take a trip into the salon to purchase your items in time for the holiday.  

Synergi Travel Pack$25 $20!

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Synergi Travel Pack

Five signature Synergi products, in “on the go” sizes for the naturalista who has one hand on her hair and the other wrapped around her passport. They are TSA size approved so no crying over tossed mousse!

The travel packs are also great to keep in your gym bag for post workout hair care or for that product junkie in your life that LOVES to try a little something new. Fair warning – the mousse is addictive.

Synergi Curly 2 Strait Glossing Mousse - $16

Speaking of mousse – “We’ve got mousse back in stock!” is the rallying cry of all natural hair women in the know. Our website lights up in response, the stores get packed and it flies off the shelves. Bless the curls of the folks you love with it.

Hello Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner – $23 each

natural hair care, natural hair This past Thanksgiving your cousin was all up in your hair – and hers was looking a little *looks right and left, leans in close* DRY. Don’t let her bring in the new year with thirsty hair. Our “Hello Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner has nourishing botanicals rebuild and strengthen all textures leaving hair soft and manageable while also moisturizing the scalp. You might want to bless her with the Quench EVOO Moisture Sealing Oil too. Just saying…thirsty.

Synergi Gift Cards 

Okay, maybe you don’t want to bust your cousin out about her parched hair, or you want to hook up your bestie with a girls day at the salon, Synergi Gift Cards are the way to go! Just visit either our Gahanna or East Broad location and pick up a gift card. The cool holiday card is up to you though.

Treat your family and friends (or treat yourself) this holiday season with the gift of gorgeous curls courtesy of Synergi Salon!