natural hair washing after workout

Natural Hair Care: Gym Sweat + No Shampoo = Gross

You’ve put in your time at the gym, hitting the bag, spinning, panting, sweating and all that and when you’re finished you hit the showers and skip washing your hair. Most of the time. Eeww.

“But Karen,” you whine, “I don’t want to dry my hair out!”

Do you like fungus? Because that’s where you’re headed and dry hair on top of all that.

The moist, dark hair at the root of your scalp acts as a breeding ground for fungus. Mix that with naturally occurring dirt, debris and oil and you’ve got a recipe for stinky hair and itchy scalp.

Many women with natural hair of the mid-length to long variety will work out and then bun up their sweaty damp hair. Sure the bun is a quick post-workout professional look, but it also keeps that moisture trapped at the scalp. Imagine stuffing a balled up wet rag at the bottom of your gym bag.

To keep the fungus and dry strands at bay follow these three easy steps:

Wash hair after workouts – gently.

All this talk of fungus may have you wanting to scrub hard, but that is the wrong way to go. Handle your strands with care and use a gentle, moisture rich shampoo and conditioner like our Synergi Quench Hello Hydrate Shampoo and Synergi Quench 2.0 Moisturizing Conditioner.

Pamper hair with steam treatments and/or deep conditioning treatments.

These special treatments lock in the moisture and increase shine. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with conditioning because it is possible to over condition your hair.

Allow hair to dry at the root.

If air drying your hair takes too much out of your day then there is nothing wrong with taking your hair dryer with a focus attachment on low heat to the hair closest to the scalp. This helps the hair dry a little faster especially if you’re wearing it up for the day.

A word about sweat.

Many women avoid washing their hair after working out to keep their hair from becoming dry. Unfortunately, leaving sweat on the scalp actually increases hair dryness.

Sweat is salty and that salt just loves to suck the moisture out natural hair. Especially along the fine hairs at the nape and around the face. That’s right sweat will snatch your edges!

Working out with natural hair isn’t any more challenging than if you had relaxed hair. The thing to remember is maintaining hair health is having a plan, the right tools and products.

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