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Synergi Salon Conditing Cleanser

What is a Conditioning Cleanser and How (WHY?!) Do I Use It?

Conditioning cleanser can be a mystery for naturalistas who follow our advice that clean hair is the best hair. It’s a cleanser with virtually no lather, is not shampoo and it conditions as it cleans. But Karen! Isn’t that like washing your hair with lotion? Won’t it still be dirty? Well, not really. The new conditioning […]

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Get Back to School Ready with Synergi Workshop & $25 Special

Back-to-school time means new crayons and replacing worn out shoes and book bags, but what about your worn out hair routine? When is the last time you revamped you and your family’s hair care? This is a great time to freshen up your style, product and technique and Synergi is here to help. We’ve got […]

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Synergi Xtra Clean Shampoo

Excess scalp oils and residue from styling products can accumulate on your hair and leave it looking weighed down and lifeless. Synergi Xtra Clean Shampoo is specially formulated to dissolve build up to leave hair looking cleaner and more full of volume. The formula contains cherry bark, henna, calendula, aloe vera and chamomile, which help to clarify the scalp and […]

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Natural Hair Talk with Karen Gary – Universal Hair Truths

This month in “Natural Hair Talk” with Karen Gary, owner of Synergi Salon and creator of the Synergi natural hair method, she discusses the 10 universal natural hair truths she discovered as a stylist and hair product creator. KG: These are things that work for anyone trying to grow out any chemical whether it’s color […]

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Touch Me All Over Baby, Just Not My Hair

The mood is set. Candlelight, John Legend singing, you’re looking fierce. Your lover reaches up to caress your face and his hands slip into your hair and your reaction? *record scratch* Did he just put his hand through your hair after you spent hours in the shop to get it just so? Girl, your hair […]

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