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Dying Natural Hair: 4 Things to Do Before You Dye Your Natural Hair

Pastel pinks, punk rock blue, California blonde…the possibilities for coloring your hair are endless.  And you’ve researched them all, pinned all the pics on Pinterest and now, what do you need to do to prep your hair for this season’s hottest color? Make sure hair is healthy. This is truly the most important step. How are your […]

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Is It Dandruff or Product Buildup

Dandruff. It’s flaky annoying and can sometimes be embarrassing – black turtleneck anyone? What many natural hair divas don’t know is their “dandruff” could actually be product build up. White, flaky, gross – all the same thing right? Nope! Lucky you have your good friends at Synergi Salon to help you out. There are a […]

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natural hair tips for working out

Working Out: Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out with Natural Hair

So many people ask me how to manage their natural hair while working out. There are several ways you can go about it and while there’s no right way or wrong way, I do have some tips I’ve developed over time that will help women work out and manage their hair with relative ease. Two […]

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