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Synergi Salon Conditing Cleanser

What is a Conditioning Cleanser and How (WHY?!) Do I Use It?

Conditioning cleanser can be a mystery for naturalistas who follow our advice that clean hair is the best hair. It’s a cleanser with virtually no lather, is not shampoo and it conditions as it cleans. But Karen! Isn’t that like washing your hair with lotion? Won’t it still be dirty? Well, not really. The new conditioning […]

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natural hair tips for working out

Working Out: Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out with Natural Hair

So many people ask me how to manage their natural hair while working out. There are several ways you can go about it and while there’s no right way or wrong way, I do have some tips I’ve developed over time that will help women work out and manage their hair with relative ease. Two […]

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Declining Relaxer Sales as More Women Embrace the Natural Movement

In September, the latest reports made it clear: more black women are embracing natural, chemical-free hair. According to research from Mintel, sales of chemical relaxers are down to $152 million from $206 million in 2007. Furthermore, in the past 12 months, nearly three-fourths (70%) of Black women say they currently wear or have worn their […]

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