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Synergi Salon Conditing Cleanser

What is a Conditioning Cleanser and How (WHY?!) Do I Use It?

Conditioning cleanser can be a mystery for naturalistas who follow our advice that clean hair is the best hair. It’s a cleanser with virtually no lather, is not shampoo and it conditions as it cleans. But Karen! Isn’t that like washing your hair with lotion? Won’t it still be dirty? Well, not really. The new conditioning […]

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natural hair product junkie

10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Product Junkie

Product junkie. The title is thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? How do you know the difference between trying to find what works for you versus huddling in the corner scratching and twitching because you hadn’t had your shopping fix? Take our little product junkie quiz: Do you buy items on […]

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Should I get the big chop or nah?

Ok It takes 12 months to grow out an entire new head of hair.  Whether you decide to cut it all off by doing the big chop or transitioning with your relaxed ends still in tact  Doing the big chop is just going a bout the process in a much faster way.  But just because […]

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How I changed my naturalhair curl pattern by shampooing my hair everyday

How did I start to shampoo my hair every day? I started shampoo my hair everyday strictly on accident.  My curl pattern did not work at all.  My hair used to be so straight and so limp.  I wanted ringlets and my hair just wouldn’t do it.  I couldn’t figure out why I was natural […]

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I hate permanent color.  Not for what it looks like. I hate what happens after you decide to grow it out. When clients decide to color their hair they seem so excited. The first thing I ask is the color more important than the health of your hair. In other words in 8 months when […]

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