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Dying Natural Hair: What about hair that is transitioning?

For women on the natural hair journey, the only thing more coveted that those kissable coils is haute color. But pump your brakes sis, color can lead to chaos on transitioning hair. Here is a quick rundown on when to use specific types of hair color, you may not like it, but I only tell you […]

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Big chop on natural hair

Going Natural: You Did the Big Chop, Now What?

Women will often ask me about the “Big Chop” and how to deal with each stage of growing their hair out after they do the deed. If you’re not familiar with natural hair terminology, the big chop is when women cut off all their relaxed hair down to their unrelaxed hair. While not necessary to […]

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Bite Sized Hair Beauty: 7 Natural Hair Journey Truths

I’ve clocked in a lot of time behind the styling chair and I have seen a lot of crazy things. There are no absolutes in life, but as Oprah says, these things I know to be true (for naturalistas and those transitioning to relaxer-free): You don’t have to do the big chop. It takes 12 […]

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Get Back to School Ready with Synergi Workshop & $25 Special

Back-to-school time means new crayons and replacing worn out shoes and book bags, but what about your worn out hair routine? When is the last time you revamped you and your family’s hair care? This is a great time to freshen up your style, product and technique and Synergi is here to help. We’ve got […]

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Holiday Deals, Freebies, Treats & Events at Synergi

Synergi Salon has always been about two things – natural hair and community. When Karen started Synergi she wanted to create a place where women could not only receive top-notch care for their natural hair, but they learn about their hair in a safe, community environment. The holiday specials that Synergi Salon is offering this year […]

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