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New Client Consultation Form


Synergi’s New Client Synergi Experience appointment includes a personalized Consultation and Synergi MY Style Shampoo & Style service along with an introduction to Synergi Products.  In this service,  hair will be cleansed and balanced, blown dry and flat ironed straight so the ends can be assessed for damage and a plan for daily management then completed at discretion of Stylist as to whether it can be styled straight or curly. Grey coverage is the only color service add on New Clients may receive on their first visit.  This service also includes the BIG CHOP.  For best results, be sure to complete and bring the New Client Consultation Form along to your appointment.


Synergi’s returning clients have several booking options.  Please note that Synergi offers services at a discounted price from Styling professionals that are newly trained in the Synergi system.  Once competent, usually 3-6months, they are graduated to offering standard pricing.

SYNERGI LITTLE GIRL SERVICES – Style Little Me for ages 7-12

The service options are the same for little ladies, who sometimes even have more hair!  Due to the noise and heat of the appliances used in the salon, we request that little princesses age 7 and up ONLY are booked, no exceptions.  Upcharge may apply for length, thickness and/or manageability. Stylist will advise you before starting service.


A semi-permanent coloring. Adds life and body to naturally dull hair. Covers Grey. Nonabrasive, reapply every 6-8 weeks. New clients may add on to their Journey to ME service upon check in.

MAKE MY COLOR HOT!! A permanent coloring. Lightens your hair to a shade above your natural color. Color consultation, skin and patch test required prior to appointment. New Clients MAY NOT receive this service on their first visit. Coloring is at the discretion of the Stylist and dependent upon integrity of hair.  Chemical services not recommended for clients coming out of braids, weave or hair that needs rebuilding.


Regular trims are included in all services. This would be a light dusting of the ends to ensure maximum growth. Precision Cuts are an additional charge to your base service and start at $25.


My Style Bone Straight: Get bone-straight hair without forfeiting your natural curls with our shampoo and style service. No chemicals or pressing combs are used to straighten the hair. Hair is silky, shiny and full of body while maintaining its ability to be worn curly.

2 Strand Flat Twist Basic: Our 2 Strand Flat Twist Basic service gives your hair a break while maintaining a look that is pretty and chic. This is not a designed style. Twists are styled front to back and then set under the dryer.

2 Strand Flat Twist/Braids Designed: Looking for a simple yet edgy hairstyle? A designed twist style offers a versatile look.

Finger Curls: Finger curls are a great styling option for natural hair at many lengths! Individual curls are set in a roller set fashion with the finger being the roller and set with our incomparable mousse under the dryer.

Flexi Rod Set: The best way to achieve long lasting curls is by getting a flexi rod set! You will love these sleek spiral curls. This service uses different sized flexible rolling rods to create curls with spring & bounce!  To minimize shrinkage, hair is blown dry and straightened then set with our incomparable mousse on flexi rods.

Hot Steam Treatment Only: Replenish your hair from your daily styling routine with a Hot Steam Treatment. Especially great for color treated and transitioning hair.  Please note, this is a Wash N Go service, hair is wet/unfinished upon completion.

Stylist Consultation: A great way to stop in and see our space, meet your Stylist and ask some questions about our services.  This is a conversation only and will not exceed 15 minutes.


Service upcharges may be applied at $10 increments depending on the following:

Super thick or super long – not all hair long or thick requires an upcharge – although some hair can be so unmanageable that the Stylist will charge extra for the work and time needed to cleanse, detangle and/or flat iron the hair.
Braids & Weaves- we DO NOT remove any braids, weaves or remaining twists. To avoid an upcharge, shampoo your hair with Synergi Shampoo at home  prior to your appointment to guarantee manageability. Service may be refused.
Excessive product buildup – too much product on the hair prior to your visit can make your hair weighed down and lifeless.
Coming out of braids or weave? To avoid being charged extra, shampoo hair with Synergi Xtra Clean Shampoo prior to your appointment.

Recommendations to help avoid upcharges:

Use Synergi Xtra Clean Shampoo prior to appointment, at least 2 cleansings prior to appointment or between appointments
Take Synergi Hair and Scalp Vitamins
Attend any GetItStrait! Workshop